Kansas City's Lost Restaurants and Iconic Ones Still With Us


A city’s culinary identity is the work of generations, and Kansas City has been blessed with just that: generations of families and restaurateurs who have loyally turned out the delectable foods that put Kansas City on the map, from perfectly grilled KC Strip steaks and barbecued burnt ends to steaming bowls of chili and fried chicken dinners. For centuries the nation’s crossroads, Kansas City has always looked after the gustatory needs of those passing through on their way elsewhere. With so many restaurants at all price points, those who decided to settle here have been spoiled by the options available. Join me as I take you on a journey back in time with my new book, _Kansas City’s Lost Restaurants_. Along the way, we’ll stop in at boomtown boarding houses and luxury hotel dining rooms, wayside teahouses, downtown lunch counters and cafeterias, and neighborhood cafes. Discover why both Kansas Cities have always sustained such loyal restaurant patrons, and how flavors of yesterday continue to shape what Kansas Citians crave today.


Check back often to this site for the stories of both lost and iconic restaurants still with us that did not make it into the book (limited page count) but are still worthy of our respect and attention.



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