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An Ode to In-A-Tub, a Northland Icon

When my sister and I were growing up in Kansas City’s Northland, Saturdays in summer meant In-A-Tub and Waterworks Park. Good weather tempted us outside, on condition that Dad first pull his Buick up to the order window at In-A-Tub. On the way to the park, we ripped into the French fries while climbing the bluffs to our favorite picnic table. Once situated, it was pure joy to open the sack and pull out pocketburgers, tacos, and onion rings. With our dad’s attention on us and playground equipment beckoning when we were full, it is no wonder that In-A-Tub evokes fond memories. Ask most Kansas City Northlanders about In-A-Tub and chances are good that they, too, will have a heartfelt story tied to a favorite treat from this Northland institution. In-A-Tub is left over from an era when drive-ins dotted the KC Metro. National franchises had yet to dominate the landscape, and thus, local establishments flourished. While they often offered similar food, typically hamburgers and malts, chili a

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