Introduction to My Celtic Summer Blog

Hello, and Welcome to Celtic Summer, a blog that will cover my adventures this June and July as I trek through Brittany, Ireland, and Isle of Man!  Also included are my posts from last summer, 2017, and my journeys through Cornwall, Wales, and Scotland.
I am currently at work on a new venture, a travelogue and culinary narrative, The Atlantic Celts: A Gastronomic Memoir from Ireland to Iberia, co-authored with my good friend and fellow trekker, Beebe Bahrami. While I collect stories and recipes from the cooks of the British Isles and blog about my discoveries, Beebe will doing likewise for the cooks of the Continent. Stay tuned for periodic posts recounting my culinary exploits.
All work published on my blog site is owned by me. Please cite my full name and the titles and URLs of my posts if you quote or paraphrase from them. Please give credit to my photos as well if you would like to use them.


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